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Penzance Sunday Painter takes their name from the artist's hometown and a desire to reclaim and reinvigorate a term that is often associated with negative connotations relating to amateurish art, to make new figurative paintings that reflect an interest in storytelling. The starting points or references explored within the paintings can be found from a number of sources; from a personal narrative whether observed, remembered or imagined; art history, fictional literature and cinema and theatrical performance. These modest paintings are domestic in scale, painted with oils on gesso primed panels or cardboard. The paint handling varies in application, where more muted palettes reminiscent of Walter Sickert, vie with a more heightened sense of colour and the artist's interest in the Nabis and Edouard Vuillard. The title of the show, 'Lacuna', refers to an absent part or blank space. The paintings are often set within interiors that form a stage in which a speculative narrative plays out in an attempt to locate this absent part of fill the blank space. Within these spaces mostly solitary figures are engrossed in an activity, or are left empty, suggesting a conversation or scene about to unfold. There is an openness to these paintings that invites the viewer to explore these works and bring their own interpretations, to continue and complete the story.

Photos by S.G Arnold @s.g_arnold
PZSP Exhibition Poster