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Kiosk - Simon Turner

kiosk poster

Simon Turner is an artist who lives and works in Penzance. Simon uses pieces of panel to paint seemingly disparate scenes, that are then assembled, and form a narrative of his interests and experiences. Using collage and drawing as an exploratory process to create the work, Simon then meticulously replicates the material in paint. ‘Kiosk’ A kiosk is a place of exchange, of goods, services and communication. But this communication can be a moment of subtle discomfort, even of stress and anxiety, as you make yourself seen, heard and understood and can you understand them? ‘Kiosk’ is an ongoing series of work Simon uses to examine and come to terms with his experience of late diagnosed autism. By placing an imaginary window between himself (the viewer) and the figure in the picture, he depicts a brief social interaction and the bottleneck in the flow of understanding between them.