Lots for Auction
Lot 1 Tim Ridley Oil on found wooden panel Business must have certainty 42x33cm framed reserve £100
Lot 2 Into the green by Una D'aragona oil on wooden panel 30x30cm £40 reserve.JPG
Dan pyne Hylozoic study cropped blue cropped in.JPG
Dan pyne Hylozoic study cropped.JPG
Dan Pyne Hylozoic Study 1 & 2 prints from limited edition of 25 26x43cm (each) reserve £100 for both smaller file.JPG
Rachael Kidd Rich Oil on canvas no frame or support 26x28.5cm smaller file
Andy Harper untitled oil on primed paper 15x20cm ready to hang unframed front smaller file
Study for Immanence - K Foss
Woodcut Shrike - Sarah SG
Perfect Companion ' Screen print  Jesse Leroy Smith .jpeg
'Birds and Star' after Matisee SHarding
tom leaper
Warrior Cuchulainn  Print.jpg
S Cousins Picasso sub
atlantic cloud & sun N Pinkett
untitled, for the birds T Drew
New Nest N Carlyon
play with mother -Theo
Punk - LWright
Lescudjack K Mair
Trevalgan - K Mair
Linda Craig 'Towards Chyandour'
Pip Bryson - Rooks
Janine Wing, Kestral, oil on card, Black frame, 29x39cm (painting only)
Catherine Harvey Jefferson, Mythical bird, Framed mnonotype, 27x19cm
Tanya Krzywinska, Shack, Oil on board, unframed, 20x25cm
Ronnie Fairweather, Syd & Nancy, papier mache & mixed media, the pair are 40x36cm
as above - so below Kate Jmo
Sanctuary - TPryke (PSP)
Untitled, Sarah Ball (in frame)
Janet Sainsbury, Joys of Camping, Monoprint, 23x20cm
Andrew Swan, Yodel God of Tempt, etched plate on artists frame, 19x19cm
Winnie Lyn, vertical meets horizontal mixed media, framed, 34x34cm Reserve £150
ALawrence MBH donation-3480
Jason Walker
'The first stretch' Caitlin Dean
SashaHarding the glass hunter.jpeg
Kate Walters, Spirit recognises her Horse, Mixed media on paper, framed, 19x18cm (work only) detail
Natalia Hamon, 'where the voyage takes her' Acrylic on canvas, 10x10cm cropped
Picture 3.jpg
Trust Idiot T Drew
Gilly Cooper, Little nest, Graphite on paper , framed 13x13cm work only.JPG
Katrina Naomi, In the kelp forest, Hand written poem on paper mounted on board, 22.5x31cm.JPG
Rachael reeves, Release, Acrylic on paper, 19x25cm.JPG
Sue Rogers Cornish Chough Hand printed Limited edition woodcut 23x23cm.JPG
Lou Tonkin MEMS
Marion Smylie, Dog's Mercury, Botanical contact print on 200gms watercolour paper, 28x36cm whole piece
stephanie cunningham - blackbird
Nicola Bealing, Dancer, Oil on paper, framed 30x44cm (the work only) whole piece
Picture 2.jpg
Picture 1.jpg
Max Whetter
scot davies
Jackie Kilpatrick 2
alice ellis bray
emma mcclure
Marie-Claire hamon, A rural place, oil on canvas, 20x20cm unframed.JPG